Adopting Toku: Day 133

2 min readJun 1, 2023

Today marks a historic day as the Asian market rejoins us on-chain. Having recently made a great deal of plans, some of which were dependent upon today’s success, Toku couldn’t help seizing the opportunity to celebrate as he welcomes the Asian market back with open paws.

Becoming quite the traveler, Toku’s been visiting new places, meeting new people and while at home, for some bizarre reason, chewing on and hiding every sock he can find. It’s as if Toku is at times frustrated with his own profound growth and takes it out on our sock drawer. Its hilarious.

In spite of some of his more mischievous behavior and rapid growth (both online and literally) Toku’s still a shy-boy deep down and has hired a social media manager for his upcoming TikTok debut where he plans to practice public appearances and provide a deeper insight into his day-to-day life.